Monday, September 7, 2009

Daniel: Man of Vision and Integrity

Daniel 1

1. What was the king’s plan for the noble youths of Israel?
2. What did Daniel and his three friends plan? How did it turn out?
3. What is there in Daniel’s character that we should imitate?

Daniel 2

1. Why was the king angry at the beginning of this chapter?
2. How did Daniel respond to this crisis?
3. What did the dream mean?

Daniel 3

1. In your own words, describe what happened in this chapter.
2. What do you learn about God in this chapter?

Daniel 4

1. What was the meaning of the king’s second dream?
2. What did Daniel tell the king that he should do in response to the dream?
3. For what “bad root” character flaw was the king brought low?
4. What happened at the end of this chapter?

Daniel 5

1. Why was God punishing Belshazzar? There are two main reasons, so make sure you find both of them.

Daniel 6

1. In verse 10, what did Daniel do (and how did he do it) that showed his courage and integrity?
2. What did the Lord do in response to Daniel's faith? See Hebrews 11:32-40. Does God always rescue godly believers from earthly danger? Why or why not?

Daniel 7

1. Read Revelation 1 and notice the similarities with this passage.
2. Who is the “Ancient of Days” in verse 9?
3. Who is the “Son of Man” in verses 13-14? (Read Matthew 24:15-44)
4. According to verses 23-27, what do the beasts and horns represent?

Daniel 8

1. During whose kingdom did this chapter happen?
2. How did Daniel react to these dreams?

Daniel 9

1. What words and phrases are used to describe God in this chapter of Daniel?
2. What words and phrases are used to describe mankind in this chapter of Daniel?
3. What does Daniel do and what does he ask God to do?
4. Who brings the answer to Daniel’s prayer? Read Luke 1 and tell what else he did in the Bible.

Daniel 10

1. This chapter in Daniel talks about spiritual warfare in the heavenly places. Read Ephesians 6:10-18 and 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 and tell what Christians are supposed to do in spiritual warfare.
2. What had Daniel doing before the vision in this chapter appeared?
3. Why had the angel been delayed in responding, even though he heard Daniel's prayers right away?

Daniel 11

1. In at least three sentences, summarize what happens in this chapter.

Daniel 12

1. Find and copy the verse in Daniel 12 which is a promise to the wise.
2. Copy John 11:25 and underline the word that describes what happens in Daniel 12:2.

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